Day 8 – Week 2

I started week 2 of my strength training journey and I am feeling good. Even in only a week I feel like I have more energy.

My measurements thisorning are as follows:

Weight – 145.2lbs.           Waist – 32″

Hips – 38″.                         Bust – 37″

Thighs – 23.75″.               Calves – 13.5″

Biceps – 10.75″.               Forearm – 9.75″

I think I said back in my other post So was only going to do measurements every 2 weeks or I never said month, but I ended up doing them today so I figured I would share.

Last week I did 2 leg days and 2 ab/core days, but this week I think I am only going to do legs today, and the do 2 abs/core/lower back and 2 arms/shoulders/upper back. My quads are really feeling the keg workouts do I am going to give them some extra rest from the weights this week and just work them in my warm ups for the rest of the week.

These are my progress photos I took this morning:

My stomach actually looks slightly flatter than last week I think. I also lifted a bit heavier today than I did last week and my form and coordination is improving more. 

I am trying to find a nutrition tracking app that is free, easy to use and has the features I want. I have down loaded 2 so far and they just aren’t doing what I want and one of them is more if a pain in the ass than anything. So the search is still on!

That’s it for now! Stay strong


Author: kellymarie

Wife, mother of 4. Crafter, sewer, collector and queen of all things clutter.

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