Time to Contribute

Good Morning!

This week has started off as one of those weeks I am sure a lot of single income households experience, “shit, I hope we have enough money to last us until Friday.”

We had our youngest daughter’s birthday party yesterday, which luckily I had done some shopping for over the prior couple of months, but I still had to spend some money or it wouldn’t have been much of a party. Of course I plan this party on a week where we ended up with a million bills due, but her actual birthday was 3 weeks ago and her party had to get pushed to yesterday to spread it out from her brothe’s party at the end if March, to make sure it was a weekend her big sisters would be home, and to have it on a Sunday so her aunt and a couple other family members wouldn’t be working and would be able to come.

So fast forward to today and I have finally had a fire lit under my ass to get this eBay and Etsy selling I have been hoarding stuff for months for, listed and ready to sell. It’s been one of those things like my making excuses for not working out, I make excuses for why this stuff is just sitting in a closet collecting dust. 

I had been wanting to do something to contribute to the income of our household pretty much since I stopped working over 4 years ago. I have done some babysitting and sold things here and there, but none of those ventures lasted more than a few months, or they didn’t really generate enough income to be worth my time. My husband and I did some research and we came to the conclusion that selling stuff on eBay and Etsy would probably be great for me. I love to look for deals in thrift store and St flea markets and I am somewhat knowledgeable on clothing brands and vintage items, do in theory this should be a pretty some venture for me to get into.

Well, the serious lack of money for my household this week, and my new found ambition to get of my ass and do things I keep making excuses not to start, yet, has me surrounded in a mess right now with a laptop in front of me. And, since I need to get a lot if work done, I will say bye to you for now so that I can head off on my next adventure!


Author: kellymarie

Wife, mother of 4. Crafter, sewer, collector and queen of all things clutter.

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