About Me

Hello! My name is Kelly and I am a 35 year old mother of 3, step-mother of 1 and wife of 1 (no sister wives going on here).  I am a lover of movies of all kinds, music of all kinds (though, I admit not much country), DIY projects, needlecraft, arts and crafts, swearing like a pirate, and my newest love, lifting weights.

I became a stay-at-home-mom is December of 2013 when I was pregnant with our 4th child and we decided that spending 80-90% of my paycheck for someone else to take care of our 2 youngest kids was silly. A few months ago, though, the many days spent taking care of our 4 kids, our house and doing things for my husband since he works 50-70 hours a week caught up with me. I barely did anything of my hobbies anymore or anything for myself. I was stressed out, tired and overwhelmed and I lost myself in making sure everyone else was happy. I broke down and cried to my husband a few different times and he was very caring and understanding, and he let me just cry it out and release what had been building up. 

After that I decided I need to make time for myself and get myself back on track. I was forgetting things, loosing track of things, not sleeping which caused me to sleep in and then be rushed every morning. I didn’t have any energy or desire to do housework or anything else for that matter. I needed to put time into myself. I started to work out, did it consistently for a week or two, then got off track, then would start up again, then get off track. I was doing body weight, resistance band and exercise ball workouts and it got to a point where they seemed to be not challenging enough to me. I was bored with it and was finding myself having to make myself do it rather than looking forward to doing it. I also used my kids as an excuse not to work out when they were home for winter vacation and February vacation.

What I really wanted to do was lift weights and finally, when we had the money, I decided I need to check local ads and buy the equipment used if I could. My husband and I are very thrifty, especially being on one income, so we look for any deal we can. We could afford a brand new weight bench and set of weights, but we could get more for less if we bought used.

Now, after collecting 4 weight benches through purchasing or getting them given to us and tons of plates, plus 3 barbells, we only had to buy some clips and dumbbells brand new to get us set up with a decent home gym. Now I had the equipment I wanted and I needed to stop making excuses.

This blog is mostly about my journey to getting healthy, getting the body I want and deserve, and making time for myself. I want to go from the skinny-fat, lazy and saggy mom who hides her body issues under the right clothing, and feels bad when someone compliments her “skinny” body after having 3 kids, to the mom who has her shit together for real (not just on Facebook), has a strong curvy body and the self esteem she has always struggled to gain.

By the way, I tend to swear a lot.

“Peace out mo fo’s”