Time to Contribute

Good Morning!

This week has started off as one of those weeks I am sure a lot of single income households experience, “shit, I hope we have enough money to last us until Friday.”

We had our youngest daughter’s birthday party yesterday, which luckily I had done some shopping for over the prior couple of months, but I still had to spend some money or it wouldn’t have been much of a party. Of course I plan this party on a week where we ended up with a million bills due, but her actual birthday was 3 weeks ago and her party had to get pushed to yesterday to spread it out from her brothe’s party at the end if March, to make sure it was a weekend her big sisters would be home, and to have it on a Sunday so her aunt and a couple other family members wouldn’t be working and would be able to come.

So fast forward to today and I have finally had a fire lit under my ass to get this eBay and Etsy selling I have been hoarding stuff for months for, listed and ready to sell. It’s been one of those things like my making excuses for not working out, I make excuses for why this stuff is just sitting in a closet collecting dust. 

I had been wanting to do something to contribute to the income of our household pretty much since I stopped working over 4 years ago. I have done some babysitting and sold things here and there, but none of those ventures lasted more than a few months, or they didn’t really generate enough income to be worth my time. My husband and I did some research and we came to the conclusion that selling stuff on eBay and Etsy would probably be great for me. I love to look for deals in thrift store and St flea markets and I am somewhat knowledgeable on clothing brands and vintage items, do in theory this should be a pretty some venture for me to get into.

Well, the serious lack of money for my household this week, and my new found ambition to get of my ass and do things I keep making excuses not to start, yet, has me surrounded in a mess right now with a laptop in front of me. And, since I need to get a lot if work done, I will say bye to you for now so that I can head off on my next adventure!


Stop Making Excuses

So the last time I posted in this blog was back on April 4th, over 3 weeks ago. I literally worked out the day before and then didn’t do shit until April 17th, when I decided to stop being lazy, making excuses and to get my ass in gear.

My excuses were that the kids were on vacation, almost everyone in my house got a nasty cold, I was tired, I will start back up next Monday, ok maybe next Monday, I will start working out when my husband starts working out, blah, blah, blah. All mostly BS. I should be working out even when my kids are around, especially my 3 girls, so they learn healthy habits by watching me. So my girls can learn that women can lift weights and still be feminine and beautiful, do my son can see that strong women are not people to be intimidated by. The cold thing was kind of an ok excuses because we were all running fevers and barely sleeping. Waiting for next Monday is silly because if you aren’t willing to start today, then you probably won’t start next Monday, which I didn’t. Waiting for my husband to start working out was stupid because he has more excuses than I do, and it also meant that I was relying on someone else to get me to do it.
April 17th came and I had all 4 of our kids home for spring vacation, but I didn’t let that be an excuse. I did s 10 minute dynamic warm up and then got into beast mode and put my arms and shoulders to work. 

Since then I have worked out every day except Saturday and Sunday, which are my rest days. It’s only been a week and a half, but I have been consistent and I feel great. I keep researching to make sure I am doing the most efficient workouts I can and I tweak things when I find a better exercise to accomplish my goals. I feel fantastic already and have been eating healthier than I think I have ever eaten. My energy levels are better than they were when I was drinking 2-3 cups of coffee a day yo keep myself going and this is only in a week and a half. I am done with excuses and ready to be the hot MILF on the beach this summer.

This was me March 28, with my sexy hair and my messy dining room…

“Me and my muffin top”

This was me yesterday, April 25th…

“Is that a tiny bit if abs trying to show through that muffin top?”

Day 16 – Week 3

My household has been plagued with a nasty cold since the middle of last week. My son came down with it first, then my husband, then my youngest daughter (who still has it) and then me (who also still has it).  My oldest daughters seem to have escaped it.

Yesterday I started feeling good, and my husband and I even worked out together in the evening. Then last night I barely slept and today I can’t hardly breathe, I have had a pounding geadache, and I am exhausted. So, I picked up some more cold meds and I am continuing to push the vitamin C, and just taking it easy. I did at least get my hair trimmed thus morning, which was nice.

Also, yesterday I received some essential oil samples in the mail from a friend, for me to try. I think I am going to wait until this cold is gone to start ysing them do I can really tell if they are helping. I have Hashimoto’s Disease, which is an autoimmune thyroid disease. She sent me oils to help with lack of energy, trouble sleeping, etc. So I will give an update on when I start trying those and how they are working.

Other than that, I feel like shit so I am going to stare at the TV until I have to go pick up my youngest from preschool.


Day 8 – Week 2

I started week 2 of my strength training journey and I am feeling good. Even in only a week I feel like I have more energy.

My measurements thisorning are as follows:

Weight – 145.2lbs.           Waist – 32″

Hips – 38″.                         Bust – 37″

Thighs – 23.75″.               Calves – 13.5″

Biceps – 10.75″.               Forearm – 9.75″

I think I said back in my other post So was only going to do measurements every 2 weeks or I never said month, but I ended up doing them today so I figured I would share.

Last week I did 2 leg days and 2 ab/core days, but this week I think I am only going to do legs today, and the do 2 abs/core/lower back and 2 arms/shoulders/upper back. My quads are really feeling the keg workouts do I am going to give them some extra rest from the weights this week and just work them in my warm ups for the rest of the week.

These are my progress photos I took this morning:

My stomach actually looks slightly flatter than last week I think. I also lifted a bit heavier today than I did last week and my form and coordination is improving more. 

I am trying to find a nutrition tracking app that is free, easy to use and has the features I want. I have down loaded 2 so far and they just aren’t doing what I want and one of them is more if a pain in the ass than anything. So the search is still on!

That’s it for now! Stay strong

Day 5 – Flex Friday #1

My first Flex Friday photo….

My first week of weight lifting has consisted of…

Monday – Legs

Tuesday – Abs, Core, Lower Back

Wednesday – Arms, Chest, Upper Back

Thursday – Legs

Friday – Abs, Core, Lower Back

Saturday and Sunday will be rest days. Each work out was about 30 minutes with a 10 minute dynamic warm up at the beginning. I did workouts with lighter weight, just the barbell, or just my body weight, even though I could have probably done more weight. I want to make sure my form is correct and start out lighter since I haven’t worked out in a couple of months.

What I learned this week…

I need to work on form and coordination with a few things. My left leg is weaker than my right. My arms are stronger than I thought they were. Lifting weights makes me feel awesome. I am sure there are other things too, but they aren’t coming to me at the moment.

I wasn’t planning on pay a lot if attention to my calories and macros, like I did before, but after this week I really think it’s a better idea if I just suck it up and keep track of shit.

I have also discovered the Strength Camp YouTube channel with Elliot Hulse and I am learning a lot from him. The fact that he is freakin’ sexy as a mofo doesn’t hurt either. Sorry hubs!

Anyway, that’s been a quick recap of my week.

Day 1….again

Since fall of 2016 I have had three “Day 1″‘s. This being my third. The difference being that this time I have a weight bench and free weights sitting in my dining room where I can walk by them every day, multiple times a day, looking at them. Plus this is the way I have been wanting to work out, which also gives me more desire to do it. Today I started off with legs. My plan is to do Monday – Legs, Tuesday – Arms/Back/Chest, Wednesday – Abs/Core/Lower back, Thursday – Legs. I know this schedule will get adjusted as I work out more, but for now this is my plan.

Now for my Day 1 photos. I plan to do photos and measurements every Monday.

I am going to do maybe a front full body and side full body shot each week instead of several like I did for day one. Maybe I will do all of these shots once a month.

So today I did a 12 minute warm up and a 30 minute leg work out. My workouts willbump up in the amount if time I do as I get more into it, but I want to keep things easy where I am just starting out, again.