Day 1….again

Since fall of 2016 I have had three “Day 1″‘s. This being my third. The difference being that this time I have a weight bench and free weights sitting in my dining room where I can walk by them every day, multiple times a day, looking at them. Plus this is the way I have been wanting to work out, which also gives me more desire to do it. Today I started off with legs. My plan is to do Monday – Legs, Tuesday – Arms/Back/Chest, Wednesday – Abs/Core/Lower back, Thursday – Legs. I know this schedule will get adjusted as I work out more, but for now this is my plan.

Now for my Day 1 photos. I plan to do photos and measurements every Monday.

I am going to do maybe a front full body and side full body shot each week instead of several like I did for day one. Maybe I will do all of these shots once a month.

So today I did a 12 minute warm up and a 30 minute leg work out. My workouts willbump up in the amount if time I do as I get more into it, but I want to keep things easy where I am just starting out, again.